You might be wondering where I've been......and the answer to that would be Highpoint Furniture Market!

I had a blog post all ready for Friday but as with life..... things don't always go as planned.  My friend Jennifer and I were staying at the dump [Days Inn] as I so lovingly referred to it and early Friday morning when I was bringing coffee back to the room I opened the door to the sound of sobbing.

She had just heard the news that her father had passed away un-expectantly and Lord knows you are never prepared for that news right?

To make a long story short she rented a car and drove back to Atlanta.  My heart goes out to her.

THEN.....I found out that a few friends of mine were staying 1 and 1/2 hours away from Highpoint having to make that drive every day so I offered them my room and went over to the Country Suites to stay with my friends Lori and Amanda on their pull out sofa.  Life sure can pull a fast one on you when you least expect it.

3 girls with one college:)

I took this picture so you could see that I practice what I preach about wearing mostly black and white.....I'm pretty predictable!

Which side are my clothes on?
Ha Ha

My post was actually a fashion one....5 different ways to wear black jeans.

When you travel on a short trip it's so nice to be able to pack a small bag.  I have learned that as much as I want to take everything with me.....sticking to the basics makes it easier right?

I bought the leather jacket on a 40% off plus 10% off sale.  It's lightweight so I can wear a sleeveless shirt under and not sweat to death.  Just FYI.... I hardly EVER buy anything at BR, J Crew or AnnTaylor unless it is on sale.

I love my Puma's...should have worn them everyday!

Here is a nice way to dress up black jeans for an evening out....

I like the shoes because they have a lower heel height!

I also bought these shoes and they are extrememly comfortable.....

I ordered these boots when they were on sale at Nordstroms....

I have these Fry boots and they are 4 years old.....have had the heels done twice but seriously they look new!

I'm a big fat pig now after eating candy in every showroom so I am going to try and workout every day the rest of the week before all that fat finds a home someplace ugly like my back.

It's nice to be back in my own bed:)



Hey y'all.....hope you had a great weekend!  

After my extremely busy week I finally hit the wall on Sat night and went to sleep at 8:30.....awaking Sunday morning at 8:45!  Whew....that felt awesome.

I am trying to tie up loose ends so I can leave for Highpoint on Thursday.  I'm so excited to stay in my 1.5 star Hotel with my girl Jennifer.  Uh huh....that is what happens when you wait to late to make your reservations.

I will be paying 250.00@night for all of that luxury also.  I feel kind of shallow complaining though so I will just shut up now.

The other day I was going through some pictures of my house and I thought I would share a transition of the small keeping area with you!

In the beginning [1993] This space was used as a kitchen dining area.

There is a table and chairs under the light fixture. What stands out to me are those horrible orange red oak floors. Please remember this was 24 years ago.

I am going to try and put these in order.....but I know there was much more "uglyness" in between!

The next ones that I can find are the shots from Better Homes and Gardens taken in 2011 by Sara Dorio [styled by Annette Joseph] and written by my friend Lisa Mowry.

I moved out the dining table and had the smaller drop leaf made. And of course the quote above will be in a design textbook soon...hahahaha

Added the cafe curtains for softness.

I hired Christina Wedge to take a few images of my house.....Same angle as the BH&G shoot but changed up a few things....lamp, art and of course pillows.


Not sure where this image fits in but it was before the "new chair"!

You can see I am leaning towards more neutrals.... is the Lee Industries chair I got on super sale from Stanton Home Furnishings.

Large french basket came back in
Color returns for a hot minute I think.....

Back to neutrals....are you dizzy yet?

More changes:)  I had a slipcover made.....

I know this was at Christmas time and believe it or not.... it's my most pinned image and the post that has had the most traffic ever!  Weird. 

The neutrals are here to stay. curtains are gone.....different light fixture, different pillows but the furniture has remained constant!
Photography by Anthony-Masterson

It feels like there were a lot of changes but the table, 2 chairs and basket have been there forever!

I am sure you guys have ton's of the same issue around your home right?



Hola chickadees! It has been a busy week here at Sherry Hart Designs.  Lot's of installing so I thought I would catch you up on the details.

I think you remember my Manchester project? Another post here. We ordered all the lighting back in April and yesterday it was all installed.  For a designer that is an exciting day:)

This Arteriors beauty was the last one picked out.  We struggled with the fixture to go over the DR table but this one gave her the glam she asked for!  It did not disappoint.....
Below is the table.      

All the furniture just off the truck!

These going up the stairs!

For this bathroom...

This great light.  Very reasonable price point and I like the white glass as it won't show dust like clear glass does!

These Circa beauties in the master bath!

The wallpaper went up in the master.

And both of us had a moment when these were installed over the island!

With these barstools.....

And this fabric for the window treatments

I called my painter to come paint the pantry black!
Next up is styling that beauty!

This are the sconces in the powder bath. [One on each side]  Wallpaper soon!

I need to order one of these for myself!

And look how I circled it back to me:)
I'm having some art framed for my dining room.....

And this is finally happening on my sofa.....I've only had the fabric for 2 years!

It's harder to do things around here with my retired husband watching my every move haha.

Lord I remember the good old days when I could totally rearrange the whole room and add new pillows and he would not even notice:)



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